Light Shaft Cover

With our light shaft cover, lightness, elegance and functionality combine in one product! It protects against leaves and dirt, keeps vermin away, and let in addition light and air in the room. So cellar rooms can also be used as living and hobby rooms. The extremely flattened profiles in combination with stainless steel mesh or aluminum expanded metal provide a robust surface without a tripping hazard, which is even passable. The flexible sealing gasket or a brush(optional) compensates unevenness to the masonry or floor. In order to protect the basement light shaft from rainwater, the light shaft cover is optionally available with a polycarbonate cover.

  • no tripping hazard, cause of ultra-flat profiles
  • walkable
  • easy to clean
  • easy to handle
  • easy to remove
  • corrosion free
  • fine textured surface