The company easyP


Since 1997 we were able to contribute our experiences to the improvement of insect screen systems by trade and production of screens. In the end of 2003 the development was that far advanced, that we decided to introduce our own system to the market. This system stands out from the other competitors especially through the thin soft line profiles. Furthermore we wanted to reduce storage cost storage for our producers.

Our aim is:

to be able to cover as many variation possibilities as possible with only a few types of profiles.

The easyP System

In 1999 the 26 year old qualified carpenter Markus Petzko dared the step into self-employment and registered a business in “trade and installation with construction-elements, timber-products and insect-screen systems”. The sale of insect-screen systems developed to the individual entrepreneur’s main business in plenty of time. In the end of 2003 he, together with his wife Kornelia, a qualified bank officer, and three more business partners, decided to introduce a own system into the market.  The practical experiences with the consumers and the varied installation situations had a decisive influence on the development of the system.

This way he could be introduces for example at the international trade fair R+T in Stuttgart.

In 2009 Kornelia and Markus Petzko, which are the sole partner of the company easyP System sale ltd. now, decided to build a own workplace with stockroom, office rooms, training room, exhibition room and workplace.

The regular presentations at the subject- and international trade fairs R + T in Stuttgart and "fensterbau frontale" in Nürnberg helped the brand eaysP to high name recognition so far. But more important is the contentment of our producers and customers, which use and recommend our systems.

easyP quality

High-quality material

Our profiles are extruded out of aluminum and alloy EN AW-6063 and coated with high-quality, weather-resistant and environmentally friendly powder paint.

Our attachment-pieces are made predominant in Germany.

Powerful logistics

Our full automatically storage-system and the qualified, highly motivated employees in office and stockroom and also our competent and responsible haulage firm partner make sure that your ordered goods arrive in plenty of time.

Controls in quality

Our profiles and components are of course continually controlled. All articles in our stockroom have to have certain quality-characteristics which are proofed in random samples during the income of the articles.

The way out of the articles is proofed in a four-eye-principle so that the delivery note is also controlled in delivery.

easyP Company-culture

We are a Bavarian wholesale trade company with the aim to deliver our insect screen systems to little and grand companies. Our philosophy to cover as many variation possibilities as possible with only a few types of profiles (multiprofiles) makes it possible also for little companies to produce high-quality and individual insect-screens by themselves. We want to make it possible for every company to go into insect screen production through relatively low investment costs and flexibility.

To make our system known over the borders of Germany is an aim in addition for us. We already supply producers in Austria and Switzerland; even in Peru our system is represented.

Germany as our business location is in the central point for us. Here we have got most of our producers. In Germany nearly all of our (attachment) components are made to strengthen our economy.

"Live and let live" is a motto of our company. A fair dealing in partnership with our customers, our producers and not least our employees is really important for us.

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