Your advantages

Low investment costs


Flexible to your success

Finished goods
You order insect screens and light well covers as finished products. easyP will produce the elements and send them directly to you. You will receive it well packed and ready for installation.

Small production
You will receive a small amount of profiles and accessories. Choose your way for production: Do you want to press or screw the corners? In addition, it is always possible to buy finished goods.

Producing the system
With our presses for the systems you will produce stentering frames, hinged doors, sliding systems and light well covers very fast and easy.
You need a stock for profiles in 6 m length, a place for production about 50 sqm, a mitre saw or a double mitre saw, a plunge router, a profile miller, a box column drill and manual tools. Templates for drilling and milling you will get at us.


KIT-Version Video

Great potential


The insect screening market offers great potential.

You can keep down the storage costs because of the variety of our multiprofiles and their simple converting. The entrance is already possible with little of investment.

With these profiles you can cover 95% of all possibilities.

files/easyp_theme/bilder/inhalt/vorteile/1071_1111.jpg Stentering frame M SP1 / SP7
Stentering frame for aluminum, synthetic and wooden windows with mounting brackets
P1071 (frame profile)
P1111 (frame profile ultra-flat)
files/easyp_theme/bilder/inhalt/vorteile/1050.jpg Stentering frame SP2
Stentering frame for wooden windows with spring pins assembly
P1050 (frame profile)
files/easyp_theme/bilder/inhalt/vorteile/1100_1111.jpg Revolving door ultra-flat
Flat revolving door profile for aluminum, synthetics and wood
P1111 (frame profile ultra-flat)
P1310 (treat plate without illustration)
P1100 (rime)
files/easyp_theme/bilder/inhalt/vorteile/2020_2010.jpg Sliding doors ST
P2010 (frame profile)
P2020 (z-rail)
files/easyp_theme/bilder/inhalt/vorteile/2500.jpg Insect screening for light wells
P2500 (frame profile)

More kinds of profiles, like easyP-blind-profiles, can be found in our considerably in our catalog.


Depending on your display the colors can just be shown approximately. Because of technical reasons minor deviations from the original RAL-colors are possible at the coloring of our products.


  1. Aluminum rare
  2. Traffic-white similar to RAL 9016
  3. Dark brown similar to RAL 8077
  4. Ocher brown similar to RAL 8001
  5. Silver similar to RAL 9006
  6. Silver eloxal E6EV1
  7. Sepia brown similar to RAL 8014
  8. Anthracite coal grey similar to RAL 7016

Special colors can be ordered!

NEW: Profiles in Decoral wood-decor, for example Golden Oak and Douglas.

Support in technology and marketing



We have already aroused your interest in our system? We would gladly like to invite you to a free information-day at our place.

You receive broad information about the production of easyP insect screens. We work through our estimate-catalog with you and reply your questions on diverse assembly-situations.  In our sample-production you will see how easy it is to manufacture insect screenings out of easyP profiles.

Produce you own hand-sample at our workplace. We show you how to setup your production advantageous. We support you in acquisition of advertising media and marketing measures. You get to know us and our company personally.

Arrange your individual visit-appointment; we are looking forward to you!


You are already working with our system and have got any technical questions?

We would be glad to help you if there are any problems or ambiguities during your daily work routine.

At estimate:
Explain your assembly-situation, best is to send us a picture via e-mail to, and then we can help you surely.

Bei der Produktion:
If you are at a loss, just call our technical versed employees.

Additive and system-tools

You receive a component-list about the manufacturing of the elements plus a layout-list. With the help of our estimate-catalog you or your external work can measure the best variation without any problems and note them on the appropriate estimate-bloc.
This bloc you can be used as a proposal, an order, a delivery receipt and as a calculation. To have an overview about the current prices on the market you will receive a list of process for finished goods.
We can offer or convey system-oriented additives like boring templates, milling cutter patterns and corner-presses to you.


The effort to establish advertising media is often underestimated, therefore we help you. 

You have the choice if you want to refer on our print-dates and manufacture your advertising media by yourselves or if we adopt the handling of the print for you and send you the finished advertising display or brochure.

The data in the public area are not suitable for a print.
Our partners receive the print-media via DVD or e-mail. Furthermore our partners have access to scores of high-quality pictures and helpful data to download in our partner- and shop-area.

The following advertising-media are available:

  • Rollup banner for insect screenings for light wells
  • Rollup banner for insect screens
  • Light well display
  • Trade fair tower
  • Complete brochure in DIN A4 and DIN A5, 12 pages (also single sheet available) PDF
  • Flyer DIN long PDF
  • Internet-appearance Link

Personal contact


Contact persons


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Management and purchasing of goods
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Markus Petzko
Authorized officer
Technique and distributio
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Jürgen Landauer
Production, technique and distribution
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Sabine Hamberger
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Manuel Flieger Manuel Flieger
Production and warehouse
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