Your finished goods

You build insect screens made-to-measure out of extruded aluminum profiles with high-quality fiberglass textures, individually for your customers’ requirements. As well you produce insect screens for lights wells out of hardwearing and resistant stainless steel grate.

Stentering frames


»Behind bars«

Say goodbye to the belief your house would look like Alcatraz. Our system can be integrated optically attractive into every surround. The stentering frame is suitable for every kind of window. Each type is mountable with different kinds of fixations and can be hanged in and out without any exertion, tools and within seconds.

Also minimal depths of mounting are possible. Our extruded profiles are double-pressed with the corner angle inside. All attachments are made of high-quality and permanent resilient components.


• ultra-flat softline-profiles
• mounting without boring is possible
• Taken out within seconds

Revolving doors/windows



The extruded aluminum-profiles are clotted in the corners in addition to the pressing. This makes them extremely resilient.

Most of the attachment components are made out of aluminum. Our new door-system is a completely blow-off: it offers maximal static features with only 12mm depth of mounting.

It can be opened either to the in- or the outside. With variable special solutions for trades and gastronomy we can achieve special stability-criteria. Special textiles or forms like swing doors are available at any time.


• ultra flat, 9-12mm
• shapely details
• different opening-options

Sliding systems


»No sliding for insects«

Our sliding systems are suitable for little and large, one or more-winged windows and doors. Nearly all heights and breadths can be receives in one, two or more wing installations.

In spite of the imposing size the elements are very inconspicuous because there no need for disturbing grips or rimes which are fitted.

Our sliding systems are really quiet and nonexpendable because of the gliding on rolls. The caulking to the door frame is warranted through random adaptable brushes or a closed frame.


• for large window- and door-openings
• really inconspicuous view
• for excess width and high openings

Swing doors



Even more comfort than the sliding door is offered by the swing door. It can be opened in both directions and shuts itself nearly without any sound.

Because of the stabile profiles and the space saving grip-rime a mounting depth of 14mm is possible. Also convincing is how to unhinge of the wing: you can hinge or unhinge it in simple hand movements without the need to call an expert.  

Hint: swing doors are often used in areas with high through-going traffic like restaurants or other trades. Get this high-quality solution for your home, too.


• can be opened in both directions
• closes itself with nearly no sound
• suitable for high through-going traffic

Roller screens/double roller screens


»The essential roll in insect protection«

With our roller screens you are best prepared because they are available for doors and windows (also roof-lights). They are inconspicuously integrated into the in-wall roller shutter box and combines elegance and comfortable functionality.

NEW: A special is the combo-roller screen combining sun- and insect protection in the lowest of room.

You can also choose the motor drive for your roller screen. Special manufactures- also in special sizes- for gastronomy or trade are of course possible.

• for doors and windows
• also with motor drive
• inconspicuously integrated
• shapely grip-rime

Light wells


»Fresh air in the basement«

There is an end of spiders, mosquitos, bugs, foliage and dirt. Extremely flat screens for light wells assign your light wells. Now the fusty smell of basements is a thing of the past.

You can breathe deeply from the basement up to the roof. Our new profile is really flat and beveled at the sides to avoid annoying tripping hazards. The system is accessible so it can be used in terrace- and entrance areas as well.

Disproportionate areas or waves within the rendering are no problem because of the flexible exhaust pipe gasket.

It is our pleasure to give you some advices about the plenty of options of our custom-made insect screens for light wells.

• no tripping hazards because it is ultra-flat
• custom-made
• weather-resistant
• simple cleaning
• simple handling
simple to remove
• free of corrosion
• high-quality profiles of the company easyP



»Motely and variable«

Modern houses are more and more equipped with angled, round or trapezoid windows which are furthermore laminated in diverse fashionable colors.

No problem! Our complete palette is deliverable in special colors, all RAL-colors and of course in every form.
No matter if you want a blue triangle, a green arch or a orange polygon, you will always get clean-worked frame-systems which also fit perfect to your windows.

Many different kinds of mesh are available and can be combined individually for your needs. So our fiberglass mesh offers maximal light intensity for your room also by angular light incidence.

Using our pollen protector screens allergic persons do not have to abstain from fresh air even during summer. The necessary change of air is given but the micro fine bow-opening is a barrier for pollen and spores. Nearly 90% of pollen are not able to come in. Furthermore insects are detained because they are a source of danger for allergic persons (bees, wasps).

• all RAL-colors
• special colors
• every form deliverable
• large selection of mesh

Openings for cats and dogs in a 1-, 2- or 3-ways-system in different sizes and plenty of colors.

Combinable with petscreen.


Depending on your display the colors can just be shown approximately. Because of technical reasons minor deviations from the original RAL-colors are possible at the coloring of our products.


  1. Aluminum rare
  2. Traffic-white similar to RAL 9016
  3. Dark brown similar to RAL 8077
  4. Ocher brown similar to RAL 8001
  5. Silver similar to RAL 9006
  6. Silver eloxal E6EV1
  7. Sepia brown similar to RAL 8014
  8. Anthracite coal grey similar to RAL 7016

Special colors can be ordered!

NEW: Profiles in Decoral wood-decor, for example Golden Oak and Douglas.

Meshes for insect screens

  • fiberglass mesh standard
  • fiberglass exclusive
  • fiberglass mesh fine
  • increased petscreen
  • high quality steel mesh – special proof from rodent and electromagnetic pollution
  • clear-sightedness mesh with pollen protection
  • clear-sightedness mesh without pollen protection