Mesh, Colours and Forms

Mesh types

As the centerpiece of our insect protection system, the mesh has to meet a wide range of requirements. Whether clear vision, for pets or high hygiene requirements, there is a suitable solution for every situation. All standard and specialty meshes are UV and weather resistant.

Fiberglass mesh standard
The plastic-coated fiberglass mesh is extremely tearproof. Available in the colors black and gray.

Fiberglass mesh "exclusive"
Not visible from the outside, the very fine mesh offers increased light and air permeability.

The robust fabric offers an even better view than our standard fabric. Available in black.

“Petscreen” mesh
The Petscreen mesh is extra strong and protects against damage caused by cat or dog claws. It is ideally suited for the integration of a pet flap. Available in black and gray.

Fine mesh
With its particularly tight meshes, the fine mesh keeps the smallest insects away. Available in black.

Stainless steel mesh
The robust stainless steel mesh, which is very easy to maintain, is used mostly in food processing (e.g., laboratories, slaughterhouses, etc.), An optimal protection against rodents. It is very stable, durable and corrosion resistant.

Clear view mesh – an electrostatic protection shield. It is charged by air friction and is thus strengthened in its effect. This ensures an efficient reduction of particle incidence.

The particle protection effect is based on a patented bicomponent technology. Ultra-fine yarns are provided with a special hydrophobic coating. Furthermore, the thread is ultra-fine and very tear-resistant. This ensures an optimal flow of light and air. The mesh is barely perceptible and thus also significantly improves the quality of life.

Pollen protection screen mesh - During development, special emphasis was placed on the highest possible retention of fine dust and pollen. Due to the smaller mesh size compared to the clear view mesh, it has been possible to improve the retention values even further.

Nevertheless, the pollen protection mesh also has excellent optical properties, with optimal light and air flow. The extremely high particle filter effect provides a significant increase in the quality of life, as it makes daily ventilation safer.

  • Effective fine dust protection
  • Effective pollen protection
  • High light flow
  • High air flow
  • Brilliant clear view
  • Ultrafine high-tech material
  • Hardly noticeable from the outside
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistant against fading by sunlight
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Quality “Made in Germany”

Pet door flap

Slip-through openings for cats or dogs in 1-, 2-, or 3-way system in different sizes and different colours. Can be combined with pet grid (Petscreen).


Colourful and variable

Modern houses are increasingly equipped with square, round or trapezoidal windows, which are also often coated in various fashionable colours. No problem, because our complete range is available in special colours, all RAL colours and of course in any desired form. Whether blue triangle, green arch or orange polygon, you will always receive cleanly worked frame systems, perfectly matching the window.

  • All RAL colours
  • Special colours
  • Wood decors
  • Every shape