Your advantages

From us you receive all components, tools and know-how for your own successful production. You can also purchase the finished elements directly from us. We offer you individual solutions.

Your advantages at one view:

  • Lucrative profit margins
  • Low storage costs
  • With only a few profiles from our product range you will cover 95% of all possibilities.
  • All profiles and components subject to a continuously quality control.
  • Costomized solutions (Own production and/or prefab element)
  • Free entry training
  • Support in technology and marketing
  • Professional contact persons

Low investment costs – Big potential

Few profiles, many variants

With high-quality materials, low investment costs and flexibility, we as a system supplier offer a perfect entry into insect screen production. Our system includes many design variants, adapted to a wide range of window, door and roller manufacturers.

With these profiles you can cover 95% of all possibilities.

Tentering frame M SP1 / SP7
Stentering frame for aluminum, synthetic and wooden windows with mounting brackets
P-1071 (frame profile)
P-1111 (frame profile ultra-flat)

Tentering frame SP2
Stentering frame for wooden windows with spring pins assembly
P-1050 (frame profile)

Revolving door ultra-flat
Flat revolving door profile for aluminum, synthetics and wood
P-1111 (frame profile ultra-flat)
P-1310 (treat plate without illustration)
P-1100 (rime)

Sliding doors ST
P-2010 (frame profile)
P-2020 (z-rail)

Insect screening for light wells
P-2500 (frame profile)

Production and finished products

Both is possible – your decision

You would like to produce professional insect protection yourself? Or do you prefer to purchase prefabricated elements? Or would you like to produce only a part yourself and order finished products as well?

Everything is possible – you decide what suits you best at the moment

Produce professional insect protection yourself

You build custom-made insect screens from extruded, powder-coated aluminium profiles, high-quality meshs and accessories made of extremely UV and weather-resistant materials, individually tailored to the needs of your customers. You can also produce light shaft cover in various colours with step-resistant stainless steel mesh or expanded metal.

With our „Multiprofiles“  you save enormously on stock. With only a few profile types you can cover 95% of all possibilities. You can choose from 8 standard colours. Special colours, any RAL colour, trend colours, fine structure and also different wood decors are available on order for an additional charge.

Especially for smaller manufacturers our „Multibrackets“ are an advantage. With one and the same bracket you can choose between two processing options: screwing or pressing. For larger quantities you are faster with the pressing of the corner joints, for smaller quantities you can produce inexpensive and simply high quality.

„Flexible to your success“ is the motto for the various possibilities we offer you:

Small production

  • You will receive a small amount of profiles and accessories.
  • Choose your way for production: Do you want to press or screw the corners?
  • In addition it is always possible to buy prefabricated elements

Producing the system

  • With our presses you will produce tentering frames, hinged doors, sliding elements, swinging doors and light shaft covers very fast and easy.
  • You mainly order packaging units
  • Our profiles are mainly packed in bundles of 5. Of course, smaller quantities can also be ordered without problems.
  • You need a storage place for profiles in 6m length, a place for production about 50 sqm, a miter saw or a double miter saw, router and manual tools.
  • Corresponding presses, drilling and milling templates are available from us.
  • The purchase of finished elements is also possible at any time.

Prefabricated Elements

  • You order the insect screens or light shaft covers from us as finished elements
  • easyP produces the elements for you.
  • You will receive custom-made, high quality insect screen elements, ready to install, safe for transport and well packed, delivered directly.
  • Special shapes and special colours are available at extra charge


Production documents, tools, training courses …

Only those who know their products can give good advice with a certain amount of enthusiasm, technical skill and necessary expertise. The Know-how gained through years of experience in production and distribution we gladly pass on to our producers and specialized dealers.

Service articles and system tools

For the production you will receive from us a component list to manufacture the elements, as well as cutting list and workshop folder (technical drawings with production descriptions) and element calculation. With the help of our measurement list, you or your customer service can easily measure the most common variations and note them down on the related measurement block.

Assembly and operating instructions are available for installers and the end customers. To simplify the production of our insect screen elements, we offer system-oriented tools such as drilling and routing templates, as well as frame and light shaft presses.

Manufacturer training

In order to be able to guarantee the highest quality, we train on our premises and are available for advice and support. You will get to know us and our company personally. In our new training room you will receive comprehensive information about the easyP insect screen production. We work through our measurement list with you and answer your questions about various installation situations.

In our showroom you can see prefabricated elements with different types of mounting and mesh. In our production we show you how easy it is to produce insect screens with our profiles and you can build your own hand sample. We show you how you can set up your production to your advantage.

Arrange with us your individual appointment for your free initial training, we look forward to meeting you!


You already work with our system and have technical questions?
We are glad to help you if problems or uncertainties arise in everyday work.

On Measurement:
Tell us about your installation situation, the best way is to send us a photo by e-mail to, then we can certainly help you.

On Production:
Should you ever get stuck, simply call our technically experienced support staff.


Brochure templates, exhibition display …

The effort to create advertising media is very often underestimated, therefore we offer you our help.

You can decide for yourself whether you want to obtain the existing print data from us and have the advertising media produced yourself, or whether we should take over the printing process for you and deliver the finished advertising display or brochure.

In the download area for our producers and dealers high-resolution pictures and elaborated brochure templates are available free of charge.

We can also offer you the following advertising media: